The Five Levels of Prospecting Copy

Level 1

Cold call or general mailouts. Generic. Law of numbers may work over a period of time, but it’s frustrating and a slow build.

Level 2

Warm intros and referrals from the natural market for general financial planning, investing, and insurance. Clients come in waves and you don’t control the flow. Most average advisors operate at this level.

Level 3

Advisor has a target audience and has created audience-specific content. Get a list of the target audiences, attend events where prospects are located, and network with COIs that serve those clients. Eventually, you will be referred around this audience and the close rate will be higher. You are still competing with other advisors for clients.

Level 4

Advisors utilize a multi-step prospecting strategy that adds value upfront. They’ve created a funnel or flywheel (on-going value). Automation is the key to this level. Use strategies such as assessments, podcasts, etc… to fill the funnel.

Level 5

The advisor has established thought leadership for their audience. They’ve likely written a book speaking to their specific audience and often utilize a marketing team. Advanced funnel strategies. Blue Ocean. Clients seek out an advisor.