?? Hot Seats

  1. After reviewing the Internal Process Overview resource, how does your process compare to the one we’ve laid out? 
  2. What are you doing that isn’t your superpower and that someone else could do, and would likely do better than you are doing it now?
  3. If you don’t have that person in place, what’s your estimate of how many hours you would need them to work every week to do the things that you shouldn’t be doing? What wage do you think you’d have to pay them to do those items on a part-time or full-time basis?
  4. Can you afford to hire someone to do those things? If you don’t hire someone to do those things how will you be freed up to focus on the things that will make you more successful?
  5. Do you have a paraplanner? If you do, how are they adding value to your business? If you don’t, what’s keeping you from seeking out one?

Task: Review your External process and compare it with the checklist below.

External Process Overview