Module 4 Q&A Library Copy

      1. How do I begin to figure out the price of the plan? Do I take my hourly rate and multiply it by the number of hours I think the process will take? Do I include all the subsequent meetings like the Whiteboard session, plan proposal and plan delivery meetings in that flat fee?
      2. Can you provide more details on how you structure your business consulting services? Specifically the agreement of charging a consulting fee but not charging for personal financial planning. My tax advisor was uncomfortable with this structure because the client was receiving value on personal side but expensing through business. Any resources or guidance I could share with them?
      3. What SS analysis software do you use and why?
      4. How does a financial advisor relay their value over the phone when client is inquiring about their services?
      5. Should I start with some of my top clients so that I can get some reps in on delivering the service model? How would you communicate that to these existing clients as far as what they can expect going forward and what I’m trying to accomplish. Ultimately, some of these folks could be great fee paying clients.
      6. Who determines which service model is applicable for each client. You after the initial meetings or the client at proposal? Do you present the client with different service models at plan proposal for different “investments”?
      7. I’m at the point where I need to hire my first support staff member on a part-time basis (10-15 hours a week to start). Ideally, this would be a Client Service Manager and they would have an active role in both communicating with clients and doing administrative type tasks. Should I focus on hiring someone who has industry experience or should I just go after the right person that has the best qualities and basic skills that I can then train?
      8. Do you meet with most clients face to face still or have you transitioned into more virtual meetings? If so what team members if any are virtual in your practice?
      9. I am hearing many great ideas and recommendations but I need to tailor and fit the ideas into what I am doing now. I like parts of what I am doing but it is not a process. I feel like every time I see a new prospect, I am doing something different every time. The outcome is great and I am “closing” the client and they are doing business with me. Problem is that the process is not consistent or exactly the same.


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