Module 3 Q&A Library Copy


      1. I don’t really know what a financial plan deliverable looks like. What does it look like at Legacy as an example to help me understand at least a base?
      2. What are the business strategies that you offer clients?
      3. How do you know if a financial plan will take a full year to implement?
      4. Do you tell your client that they’re signing on indefinitely?
      5. What do you do if a client drags their feet and you can’t finish the plan implementation?
      6. From the Kitces podcast, Sten briefly talked about his process to send his clients’ PC insurance information to independent agents to be reviewed. I’d love to learn more about this because I believe it could add great value to my clients.
      7. How do you talk about what you do in casual conversations that leads to getting business?
      8. Who puts together the consulting and financial planning documents and how do they build them?
      9. How can people work with you? Financial planning; Planning + investment management;
        What else?
      10. How do people pay their consulting fee as business owners and do you offer a discount if they pay in one payment?
      11. How did you grow your AUM? What was the breakdown of going from 0-100M?
      12. In an attempt to develop a “public facing” pricing matrix that reflects my service models and combinations thereof, is it best to  price things individually and then offer a price incentives for “bundled” services? Do you have an example of your pricing matrix?
      13. Have you ever had a client want you to help another advisor implement your investment & planning recommendations? If so, how did you handle it?
      14. After the client pays for the financial plan, whether it’s a one-time fee or ongoing, how much do you charge for implementation? In other words, how much does Legacy charge for AUM for those planning clients?
      15. Sten mentioned for resources you can go to CPA attorney and in the whiteboard he says you don’t need to know everything cause you can bring in an attorney for estate planning: 1. Are CPA or tax accountant ready to give free advice or resources?  2. How do I select a CPA or attorney? Because there are many with no knowledge of the work they do?
      16. How do you quantify Roth conversions during the Whiteboard meeting?
      17. Where can we see the services that you offer for financial planning?
      18. What apps do you use to connect with an iPad during presentations? (Zoom, Reflector 4, Notability)(Notability example)
      19. Do you expect clients to move their investments to you?
      20. What do you do if someone doesn’t need planning anymore?
      21. What are some specific strategies for helping clients evaluate their investments?
      22. How much of a meeting (or building a plan) are the templates we give people? How much is taking a building block and starting to use it?
      23. I do six meetings in the first year. What meetings are required in order to give a great client experience?
      24. Where do you source the information for the monthly updates?
      25.  I struggle with feeling like the ideas have to be revolutionary. How do I get over that?
      26. How much is your investment fee?



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