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      1. What have people done right or have done wrong while taking the Planning To Succeed course?
      2. Sten mentioned that some of the large institutional players are asking questions around fee based planning. What major obstacles do you see for a large institution in implementing the fee based planning?
      3. I understand providing that value in the beginning. However, how do you present this value up front in a way that builds trust instead of being seen as a bait-and-switch? I understand that this is not the case, but how to you make sure and steer clear of people thinking that.
      4. There is a significant gap between the fee I’m comfortable charging and the fee that I will need to charge in order to have this be a profitable use of my time and to feel truly unbiased. Some of the reasons for this gap are my doubts around my process, deliverables, competency of my team around me, etc. What advice or insight do you have around that as it pertains to the Legacy journey and your progression to higher fees and client count?
      5. For financial planning (not consulting), what should I consider if I want to charge a “scalable” fee based on income or net worth? I like the idea of charging 1% of income or net worth, whichever is lower but minimum of $1,200. I work with a lot of millennials that I believe would benefit from and understand this pricing method, and the fee would be dynamic (increase/decrease) as their income and net worth changes.
      6. I’m all in on pushing forward the to move to a model where clients pay for our time and expertise, and I’m curious as to whether you have any guidance for working with management and compliance to create the framework necessary (fee schedule, engagement letters, etc.) to roll something like this out to our clients.
      7. One limiting belief I deal with is why would people listen to me if I’m so young. With you starting your firm at such a young age, did you have this same belief and how did you combat it?
      8. Do clients sign on to paying a fee upfront if they haven’t experienced the value yet? How to you show them they can trust they will get enough value out of it?/span>
      9. Sten says that 9 out of 10 advisors say they are doing financial planning but when you really dig into it, they aren’t. What are they doing that they think is financial planning versus what Sten says financial planning is?


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