FAQs Copy


Where do I start?
Start by adding our group calls to your calendar. You can see the calendar of our calls by clicking here. Next, work through this introduction section. Then spend 30 minutes looking through the other content in your member portal, making notes of where you want to come back to spend more time. Bookmarking specific pages is a great idea. Lastly, make an effort to connect with other members by participating in the Slack chat and inviting members to a 1:1 call with you. The goal is to get connected and get as much value as you can, as quickly as you can.


When do we meet?
You can find our event calendar by clicking here. We meet twice a year in person and at least three times a month via Zoom. 


How can I find resources?
There are two places to find resources. Inside of individual lessons you’ll find resources related to that topic. You can also access our resource center and search for resources by name, category, or tag.


How can I ask for help?
Click on the “Support” button on the top right of any page or send an email to our community assistant Nicole at nicole@eadvisornetwork.com


Can my staff join in on the EAN video calls?
We keep our group EAN calls for members only so that you and the other members of the community can speak freely. There are opportunities for your staff to participate in our live events and we are developing opportunities for other training for your team members.


Where can I share resources with the community?
On the community dashboard, you’ll see a “Submit” button. After you click that button you’ll send your resource to our community administrator Nicole.