Encouraging Others Copy

Everyone wants superpowers, but if believe the movies, the only way to get one is to be born with it or to be involved in some sort of industrial accident. Well, encouragement is a superpower that anyone can develop. Here are some thoughts on why you should develop the superpower, some warnings as you implement it, and three action steps to help you implement your new skill.


Why You Should Learn The Superpower of Encouragement

1. Costs nothing
2. Easy to learn
3. Takes very little time
4. Can be applied to strangers, friends, team members, family members, and clients
5. Makes others feel better
6. Makes us feel better
7. Is good for business
8. Gets you out of your own negative mindset
9. It comes back
10. Gets easier the more you do it


1. Be careful what you compliment (men – women)
2. Don’t be vague
3. Don’t expect them to reciprocate
4. Don’t forget those closest to you
5. Be honest

Action Steps:

1. Call three people and encourage them
2. Encourage a stranger
3. Get the manager/supervisor!