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Power Phrases

One of the most common requests we get is for scripts of exactly what to say during a strategy meeting with a client. We don’t believe in scripts, but we do believe in having power phrases that have a tremendous impact on how prospects and clients process what you teach them during your whiteboarding. In this episode we break down some of the most popular power phrases. You can use these today in your meetings.

How To Charge LIVE Stories

Don’t trust us. Trust the advisors that have spent their hard earned dollars to invest in their businesses by coming to our How To Charge LIVE event. In this episode you’ll hear from advisors in different places in their career and how the HTCL event has equipped them to go to the next level in their professional development. 

Team Growth Potential

What is the true potential of a team focused on a shared goal using shared language and methods? The answer can be found in this episode. 

Prospecting With Purpose

The number one question advisors want answered is “How do I get more prospects?” Our advice is to use Targeting Strategies. In this episode we explain what they are and why they take more effort than the normal prospecting methods and also result in a much better return on your time. 

Content, community, overall service. I knew it was going to Be very high level but it was above and beyond.


Tyler P.