The Elite Advisor Mastermind is where you will create your ideal planning and consulting business.

Results You Can Expect

A thriving business where you get paid for your time and ideas
methods for attracting ideal planning clients
a team that will scale and deliver paid planning
Database of Planning strategies

An invitation from Sten

What kind of advisors should apply to be part of Elite Advisor Mastermind?

We Help YOU build Your ideal planning Team

The key to scaling your planning business is developing your team’s abilities. We help you do that.

Hiring Guidance

We’ll help you make great decisions when you add to your team. We’ll help you build job descriptions and KPIs.

Team Growth Plan

You’ll know the next hires you need to make and how members of your team need to level up to achieve the ideal planning team.

Monthly Coaching

Our team will meet with your team every month to help them implement your vision for growth.

What else is included in your Mastermind Experience?

Monthly member Community calls

You’ll meet via Zoom with all of the mastermind members every month. 

1:1 Sten Coaching (2X)

Twice a year you’ll meet with Sten for an extended coaching session. Your business scorecard will guide this conversation.

Personalized case designs and reviews

Private and community based reviews of your financial plans to ensure that you’re providing the appropriate level of service.

two in-person events

We’ll meet in person twice a year to collaborate and sharpen our skills.

Practice Assessment

We measure the health of your planning business and tell you the specific process improvements you need to make.

monthly Team Coaching calls

We’ll meet with your team members once a month to help them implement what we’re teaching in the mastermind.

2023 Schedule

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Schedule Summary & Details

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