EAN Mastermind

The EAN Mastermind is where you create a thriving planning and consulting business that will help you understand the value of your time and ideas so you can start charging for your advice.

Results you can exPEcT

Learn how to prospect for financial planning clients
Learn to quantify the value of your ideas
Build a team to scale and deliver paid planning
Access to a database of planning strategies
A group of top advisors that are committed to each other's success
Systemize the building and delivery of high quality, profitable financial plans

What kind of advisors should apply to be part of Elite Advisor Network?

Commitment to charging a fee for your advice

Our advisors understand the value of their time and advice and charge accordingly.


You measure your business’s success by its impact on your clients’ lives, not your comfort or personal income.


Your company has the right amount of personnel or a willingness to add more positions.

Experience & Revenue

$500K minimum revenue and a minimum of five years in the industry.

What Our Members are Saying

The investment has paid for itself many times over and it’s difficult to imagine ever leaving. If you’re in the growth phase of building a financial planning firm you need to check this out.

Sten’s teaching has helped us revise our team approach, improve our systems and gain more planning clients. This community pays for itself in just a few clients and I’m confident we will gain  more and more in the coming months because of what we’ve learned.

In The Mastermind We Help Level Up
Your Entire Team

You can only go to so many conferences and get so many designations. The key to scaling your planning business is developing your team’s abilities. We help you do that.

What you get when you join

Practice Assessment

We will measure the health of your planning business and tell you the specific process improvements you need to make.

Team Responsibilities

A detailed map of team responsibilities in your planning practice and any immediate hiring needs.

Team Development

Our team coaches your team members to help them develop faster.


We’ll help you identify leads and show you how to set up appointments with those prospects.

Elite Planning Framework

We’ll teach you how to master the Elite Planning Framework.

What’s included in your EAN+ Membership

Personalized case designs and reviews

Private and community based reviews of your financial plans.

Financial planning case study library

All members contribute to a catalog of actual financial plan.

Group collaboration

Monthly group conversations to share best practices, planning strategies, and business development strategies.

Team training through our Level Up Coaching

We work directly with your support staff so they are literally on the same page with your planning focus.


Private coaching calls

1:1 calls with our leadership team to tackle specific issues.

Two in person events per year

Well-planned events that maximize personal and professional growth.

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