You are vital to the success of your advisor’s business.

No matter your title – Administrator, Operator, Director – your value is undeniable. Because of the importance of your position, you need the tools and support to master your role. Joining our community of high-achieving administrative professionals will help you unlock your potential and find joy and purpose in your work.

Are you ready to unlock your superpowers?

Nobody can do what you do for your business. Your advisor needs your skills, knowledge, and confidence to grow a successful practice, so it’s time to unlock your superpowers and level up

Level Up will help you if you struggle with:

  • Never-ending list of tasks to complete
  • A lack of clarity on how to prioritize tasks
  • Inconsistent communication with your Advisor
  • Inefficiencies that slow your daily progress
  • Unclear expectations for job performance

What is the Level Up Community?

We are a community for administrative professionals who want to level up their productivity and achieve a greater purpose in their work. Through live group coaching, collaboration with like-minded professionals, and best practices training, we will help you achieve the following . . .

– Create and implement efficient systems

– Healthy communication with your advisor

– Clarity and confidence in your role

– Clear priorities for all tasks and responsibilities

Why Level Up works for a veteran like Vanessa

The Four Methods of Achieving Growth in Level Up


Live group coaching and a rich resource library


Conversations with other professionals to share best practices through a private online forum


Accountability and guidance to ensure you implement what you are learning


Understand and develop your relationship with your Advisor

**Available with Pro**

Level Up will Help You Move Up the Three Stages of Being an Elite Administrator


You’re new in your role and are beginning to grasp the responsibilities that come with your job. You are hungry to grow but need help on a daily basis.


You’re confident in most areas of your position, but you are looking for more best practices, efficiencies, tools, and a community of other administrators to learn from.


You’re comfortable with almost every aspect of your job but still find yourself wanting other people to bounce ideas off of. You also have a tremendous amount of knowledge that can be passed on to others in the industry.

Marni A.

Administrative Specialist


Why would my advisor pay for level up?
Your advisor understands the power of investing in the right things, and you are worth investing in. When you are learning best practices, gathering ideas, and experiencing a community of fellow administrators, you’re going to improve in your role. When you grow, the business grows. Advisors have many options for training, while their administrators are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to professional growth. Level Up Community solves that problem.
Who is in level up?
There are administrators with over 25 years of experience and others who are relatively new to the industry. There are two common themes for everyone in Level Up Community. They are ready to share ideas, and they are prepared to learn new things. That willingness to share their knowledge and humbleness to admit they need to learn are what make Level Up Community a great place to grow.
Who teaches level up?
Jamie Mayes is the Practice Manager for Legacy Investment Wealth Management and has been an administrator for over 15 years. She helps run a thriving financial services practice in Nashville, Tennessee. Andy Traub is our lead presenter and has been working in on-line education for over 15 years. Sten Morgan is our founder, as well as the president and lead advisor of Legacy Investment Wealth Management. He works with Jamie to provide an excellent workplace for their employees. More information about Sten can be found at
What is the time commitment?
It takes about three hours a month. To get the most from your Level Up Community experience you should plan on attending our two live calls each month (60 minutes) and spend at least an hour in our chat groups sharing and learning best practices.

Sten Morgan, Founder

Jamie Mayes, Legacy Practice Manager

Andy Traub, Lead Presenter