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Advisor Results

“I just signed a new financial plan agreement for an hourly engagement at $250 an hour with a 20-hour commitment, so $5,000 in fees. I completely credit you and the EAN coaching for getting this planning engagement onboarded.”
“Neither of the two clients I closed batted an eye at the fee I suggested…”
“Thanks to what I’ve learned from EAN, I’ve made more from planning in Q1 of this year than all of the last three years combined.”
“I went from not charging at all, came to an event and 8 weeks later I closed a plan for $3500.”

What’s Included in Your Membership

LIVE Teaching Calls with Sten

Access to LIVE teaching calls with Sten and our other members.

Business Assessment Review

Receive a business assessment review to guide you on what you need to do next to grow.

Bi-Annual Strategy Calls with an Elite Advisor Coach

Schedule a bi-annual call with one of our coaches to chart a clear course for your business.

Access to Elite Advisor Community

Share best practices with Elite Advisors from around the country.

Weekly Pocket Coaching

You receive weekly coaching tips sent to you from Sten via text message.

Whiteboarding Video Library

Gain total access to our entire teaching library including Sten’s revolutionary whiteboarding training.

Discount on Events

Save 30% on all of our training events, virtual and in-person, at our office in Nashville, TN.

How To Charge – Online Course

Learn how to charge for your time and ideas by working through our popular How To Charge digital program.

EAN Superpowers

The path to reaching your potential as an advisor is to focus on these three aspects of your development. At Elite Advisor Network, we focus on equipping advisors to use Value First Prospecting to gain clients, create systems to charge for their advice and grow an incredible business.

Value First Prospecting

Target Clients than you know need your services

Stand out from the competition by offering unique financial solutions

Always have a compelling opening when approaching a prospect

Close business faster and become easily referable to attract more clients

Financial Planning

Quantify the value of your ideas
Get paid for creating financial plans
Create value throughout the planning engagement
Scale the business by involving your team in the planning process

Business Growth

Aim to forge a thriving business and lead with generosity
Create a self-sustaining business model that includes team development and delegation

Focus on strategic planning, scalability, and building a legacy

The Five Stages of an Elite Advisor

Stage 1 - Launch
  • Define and target ideal clients by implementing value-first prospecting
  • Connect with Idea Partners and discover new financial planning strategies
  • Focus on revenue-generating activities and get results faster
Stage 2 - Stabilize
  • Begin to build a self-sustaining business
  • Establish a robust strategy and concept database
  • Start charging for your time and ideas
  • Consistently track activities and growth
Stage 3 - Elevate
  • Elevate your business by involving your team in financial planning
  • Utilize targeting strategies to prospect effectively
  • Differentiate yourself from the market by being known for creative ideas
Stage 4 - Mature
  • You delegate effectively and have a self-sustaining business
  • Freedom to live in your Superpower
  • Deliver massive value with extreme efficiency to clients
  • Stay uncomfortable, continue to develop and grow
Stage 5 - Thrive
  • You are a successful business owner dedicated to driving innovation
  • Leverage your experience by mentoring others and leading with generosity
  • Focus on impact, not income; be a visionary
  • Own future opportunities, choose the right relationships

The average EAN member increases their minimum planning fee by 200%.

Members of the Elite Advisor Network hire support staff 2X faster.

EAN members report collecting more AUM and writing more policies because of their focus on financial planning.

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You Will Get all of the following

Bi-Annual Strategy Calls with an Elite Advisor Coach

Business Assessment Review

Access to Elite Advisors from Around the Country for Best Practice Sharing

Weekly Pocket Coaching from Sten sent straight to you via text message

Access to all our courses, including How to Charge Online (valued at $1,500 per year)

Sten’s Whiteboarding Video Library

30% Discount on Events

LIVE teaching calls with Sten and our other members

for only $300/month

The best performers in every arena have coaches and never outgrow it.

  • Live 1:1 Coaching (monthly)
  • 3 Community Collaboration Calls (Monthly)
  • Live Peer Collaboration
  • Live Whiteboarding Workshop

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