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Learn how to start charging for your advice and build a six-figure planning business. We’ll come to your offices and train your team in person.


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Program Results

We guarantee that you will increase your planning revenue after coming to this event. When you implement our system, you will attract and convert more prospects. In addition, you will have the framework in place to build and deliver a great financial plan.

Avg. planning fee for those that have never charged a planning fee before


Avg. closing % for those who pitched a financial plan


Graduates who would recommend the program to others

For any advisor wanting to get paid for their time

This two-day live event is for advisors who want to learn our system to get paid for their time and advice.

Sten and his team will equip you with their strategies to find clients, run effective strategy meetings that show the value of your advice to prospective clients, price your plans appropriately, deliver on the planning ideas, and make renewal conversations easy.

Testimonials from Our Attendees

The HTC online program was great, and the in-person instruction pushed me over the edge to finally start charging for my time. 

– Steve

I didn’t know anyone coming into the event, but the collaborative nature of the event allowed me to meet dozens of like-minded advisors.

– Tiffany

I was worried about being away from my office for two days, but what I learned was worth 10X what I paid.

– Mike

We paid to bring six members of our team, and the event paid for itself in less than one month. 

– Gavin

I learned everything I needed to know to start charging for my time and ideas in less than two days. 

– Bill

The meeting space was beautiful, and Sten’s staff is awesome. The catered local food and a few other unexpected personal touches made the event even more enjoyable.

– Josh

Prospect like an Elite Advisor

Referrals aren’t enough to keep your business going. You need to find and get meetings with ideal prospects.

At HTC LIVE, you’ll learn how our Targeting Strategies method of prospecting will put you in front of prospects you know you can help and who will want to meet with you. No more chasing uninterested strangers.

The HTC Live Event will earn you 5 CE credits at no additional cost. After receiving your CFP ID#, we will submit your attendance to the board on your behalf.

Upon completion of the online program, you will earn 7.5 CE credits and a completion certificate.


Day 1


Know Your Value
The foundation of how to charge for your advice is understanding that your wisdom, experience and ideas have a higher value than the products you sell.



What do You do?
Over 95% of advisors struggle to answer this question well. You will learn five effective and unique ways to answer this question that will lead to more prospects and more business.



Lead with Ideas
Ideas are the fuel to financial planning, so you will learn where to get great ideas and who can teach them to you with little to no cost.



Whiteboarding Concepts & Strategies
Knowing how to effectively whiteboard will separate you from 95% of advisors. Your clients will understand the actions they need to take and share ideas with other prospects.



Lunch & Pictures
Enjoy some local Nashville food and get your headshots taken by a professional photographer.



Quantify Value & Create Urgency
Prospects become clients when they understand the value of your ideas and the opportunities they’re missing out on by not working with you.



Service Elements & Pricing Plans
There are nearly 20 ways you can serve clients when they engage in financial planning. You’ll learn what they are and how to price those services in light of the value you provide.



Case Study Collaboration
This is usually the highlight of the event for attendees. Along with other attendees, you’ll take client information, illustrate planning ideas as if you were presenting them, then choose what fee you would charge for the plan. 



End of Day 1
You can enjoy dinner at one of many nearby restaurants or head into downtown Nashville to visit one of the most popular destinations in America.


Day 2


Targeting Strategies
Learn how one or two strategies applied to specific groups can lead to elite prospecting opportunities.



Service Calendar
Most advisors new to charging for their advice aren’t clear on how they’re going to serve a client for the full calendar year. In this section, you learn the many things you will do to serve them.



Enjoy your favorite drink while on break. We promise.



Team Q&A + Goals

You’ll have plenty of time to ask Sten and his team questions so you go home ready to implement everything you learned at HTCL.



Before you head home, enjoy some more local Nashville cuisine.

The Process

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