Become an Elite Advisor

In just one week, Sten Morgan will teach you the foundational elements of becoming an Elite Advisor.

From Average to Elite: A Transformative Week with Sten Morgan

Just some of the topics we’ll be covering in the course:

#1 Mindset

#2 The Power of Your Ideas

#3 Advisor Superpowers

#4 The Power of Whiteboarding

#5 Targeting Strategies

#6 The True Potential of Planning


Each section has a video teaching and resources that you can utilize right away in your business to help you become a more Elite Advisor.

Actionable Downloads

You’ll take the resources from the training and implement them immediately into your business. These are proven resources that our advisors use to run thriving financial planning practices.

Understand Your True Value

Calculate your potential planning revenue so you can understand the impact planning will have on your business once you truly understand the value of your advice.

Areas You’ll Learn To Master

#1 Mindset

Foundation for Success

We’ll help you understand how to develop a healthy mindset so you can build something new and different in your business. Once you unlock your understanding of your value you’ll never charge the same low fee again.

#2 The Power of Your Ideas

How To Generate Valuable Ideas

Financial planners are only as good as their ideas and in this section you will learn where to get great planning ideas.

#3 Advisor Superpowers

Identify Your Superpower

Find out why it’s vital to develop your superpower in order to reach your potential in this business. If you don’t know what your superpower is then you’re not maximizing it. It’s time to know it and use it to help your business thrive.

#4 The Power of Whiteboarding

Strategies & Concepts

Easily our most popular teaching, you’ll learn how and why you should be whiteboarding in every meeting you have with clients from this day forward. See actual whiteboarding and learn how to whiteboard every idea you ever come across in the future.

#5 Targeting Strategies

Effective Prospecting Outreach

Stop wasting your time chasing the same people everyone else is and hoping they like you more than their current advisor. By learning this prospecting strategy, you’ll be more effective with your outreach to prospects.

#6 The True Potential of Planning

Get Paid For Your Time

You’re not earning what you should be earning because you’re not selling your most valuable asset, your ideas. Learn the potential of your planning revenue and the right amount you should be charging for it.


“Within three months of going through the EAN training, I had increased my planning fees 200%.”

Michael R.

“The biggest issue I have with Elite Advisor Network is that so much success came so quickly that I was overwhelmed by it. This stuff works for anyone who is willing to do the work to grow their business.”

Randy O.

“This isn’t theory. Sten and the team at EAN teach practical methods for improving your business. Do what they say and it will work.”

Chris S.