Episode 42. How do you measure your year?

Dec 13, 2022

Measuring progress over the past year involves looking at various categories, including finances, health, social life, career, spiritual, leisure, personal growth, family, and friends. To measure progress, you can look through your camera roll, emails, or calendar and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. With the results, you can celebrate your victories and learn from your mistakes and/or failures. Being a financial advisor can be a lonely business, so share your results with someone else and use the results to inform your goals for the next year.

Take the information you’ve gathered from looking back over the year and choose from these options on moving forward.

  • Who, not how? – Did it fail because YOU tried to do too much?
  • Rinse and repeat – Stay on the same track
  • Tweak it – Make small changes to improve on it
  • Double it – Step on the gas and make it bigger!
  • Bury it – Not a goal worth pursuing

You can find the scorecard resource that Sten mentioned at StenMorgan.com/Scorecard.




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