Episode 40. How Appreciation Fuels Staff Performance

Dec 2, 2022

You will never become the Elite Advisor that you can become without a team. In past episodes, we discussed identifying your superpowers (2025, and 26) so that you can build a team around them, but once you have a team, you need to care for and develop them.

In today’s episode, we dive deep into how appreciation helps your business and your team reach their potential.

Ways to show appreciation:
1. Salary – Your team wants to be paid well, and many of them want to be incentivized to make more.

2. Words of affirmation – Be specific in your affirmation, and remember it doesn’t have to be because they did something amazing. Regular affirmation for smaller things is better than rare affirmation for great things.

3. Gifts – Try to give gifts that create a recurring reminder of how much you care about your staff. The more often they use a gift, the better.




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