Episode 39. 7 Ways To Increase Your Planning & Consulting Revenue

Nov 17, 2022

Progress happens when you apply proven systems and habits. That’s what today’s episode is all about. We discuss seven different ways you can increase your planning and consulting revenue.

1. Find free ideas – Be relentless about learning from your COIs and other advisors. Be systematic about knowing the ideas they use to help their clients so you can suggest them to yours. It’s like becoming a tax ninja without having to go to tax ninja school.

2. Quantify the value of ideas – Always total the value of ideas you provide 5k + 8K + 20K, etc. Some ideas are 10X ideas while others are soft results – Taking action when the client wouldn’t have is a soft result that creates a measurable outcome.

3. Name your price – Don’t undercut yourself – Borrow the confidence

4. Do what you do best – Optimize your situation with the right people or systems.
Coaches show up and put on a headset and coach.

5. Take smaller clients – Have a Jr. advisor take smaller planning clients, so you don’t have to turn down a 3K plan if it’s profitable. This will accelerate the growth of advisors on your team and pick up additional revenue for the firm.

6. Joint work – Doing joint work can open you up to working with clients you couldn’t have handled otherwise. 50% of a planning fee is better than 0%.

7. Don’t give the prospect an all or nothing scenario – Give 2-3 price points for the prospect to engage with you. But make sure your service model aligns with that fee.





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