Episode 132. Advisor Stories: Putting together vacuums and the value of your time

Jul 3, 2024

In this episode, Andy chats with Mihei Egoroff, a financial advisor with four and a half years of experience. Mihei shares his journey from focusing on AUM to emphasizing financial planning services. He discusses his early experiences with money, the influence of a mentor, and the pivotal shift inspired by Sten’s teachings. Mihei highlights the practical aspects of charging for planning services, client interactions, and the benefits of a structured financial plan.

Early Money Lessons:

Mihei’s first job assembling vacuum cleaners taught him the value of efficiency and time management, a lesson that has profoundly influenced his career.

Career Shift:

Discover how Mihei transitioned from a traditional AUM model to a more holistic financial planning approach, emphasizing the value of charging for time and ideas.

Client Interactions:

Learn about Mihei’s strategies for engaging clients who are eager to maximize their financial lives, from simple HSA strategies to complex retirement planning.

Practical Implementation:

Mihei shares real-life examples of how his planning services have saved clients significant amounts in taxes and optimized their financial strategies.

Fee Structure:

Get insights into Mihei’s fee structure, including his minimum fees and payment methods, which ensure clients are committed and follow through with their plans.

Mentorship and Learning:

Mihei credits his shift in focus to influential mentors and podcasts, including Sten Morgan’s interview on the Financial Advisor Success podcast.

Client Success Stories: 

Hear about a high-earning couple who, with Mihei’s guidance, are set to save seven figures over their lifetime through strategic planning.

Efficiency in Planning:

Understand how Mihei balances the complexity of financial planning with efficient client management, ensuring each plan is tailored and actionable.

Community and Growth: Mihei’s involvement in our community has not only enhanced his skills but also provided him with the tools to elevate his business and client service.

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