Episode 109: Advisor Stories: 400% growth in one year – How Gavin Filasek guided his team to massive growth

Mar 13, 2024

Gavin Filasek has become a better leader and it has paid off BIG TIME for his team. They grew their planning revenue over 400% in one year. In this episode, he and Sten discuss his journey from traditional advising to fee-based planning.



Transitioning to Transparency: Gavin’s move to fee-based planning has brought clarity to their services and the clients they serve.

Leadership Evolution: They discuss Gavin’s leadership growth and how it’s shaped the firm’s success. His dedication to communication and team development has paid off in multiple ways.

Continuous Learning: Gavin and Sten outline specific ways to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Think Like an Owner: Gavin emphasizes the shift in mindset from salesperson to business owner. It’s a crucial step for advisors ready to redefine their role in the industry.

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To Your Success,
Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®


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