How To Charge For Your Advice:

A proven method for generating six-figure revenue in less than 12 months for consulting and financial planning.

Time to complete: 6 weeks

In this video, you’ll find information that will help you understand what the program covers and answers to frequently asked questions.

This program will help you add paid financial planning services or streamline and improve your existing services so you can increase your planning fees.

What You Will Learn

In this program, you’ll learn why you should make Financial Planning/Consulting a core element of your practice, how to execute planning, and receive all the necessary resources to implement this focus.

  • How to view planning in relation to your other services and products.
  • How to build internal processes to minimize administrative lift for you and your team.
  • How to communicate the true value of your advice so clients understand the value you’re providing.
  • How to build financial plans that communicate professionalism and measurable outcomes
  • How to create systems so you can handle more planning clients.
Planning Program Preview Image
Planning Program Preview Image

Increased his revenue by 150%

I recently beat out two much more seasoned advisors to gain a client by implementing the strategies in this program. That opportunity allowed me to add 1.7M of AUM. Best of all, it only took three weeks from meeting them to finalizing the deal. This program gave me what I needed to have the confidence to gain new client’s trust and the process to differentiate myself from other advisors.
Roxanne M.

Financial Advisor

Building a culture is difficult, yet somehow the EAN group seems to be made up only of a bunch of genuinely caring people. The investment has paid for itself many times over and it’s difficult to imagine ever leaving. If you’re in the growth phase of building a financial planning firm you need to check this out.
David T.

Financial Advisor

Becoming the Best Option

Time to complete: 1 Week

Every successful venture starts with the right mindset. You’ll learn how to view planning in your practice and how to move forward with confidence.



How long is the program?
It takes 6 weeks to go through the content. You’ll work through the content at the same time as your group of advisors. This increases success substantially.
What's a typical timeline of implementing the program?
Some advisors land new clients before the program is even completed. Many advisors find that they already have clients that would fit a more consulting type relationship so they don’t have to prospect to gain their first few planning clients. For you to have everything in place to shift your business to focus on planning it can take up to 3-6 months.
How is the program delivered?
– Professional videos
– In-depth workbook
– On-going support after the program is over
What if I have questions after the program?
The Elite Advisor Network is where you’ll find other advisors working towards the same goals you are. If you’re looking for a community of other driven, generous professionals then EAN would be a great fit for you. We will share details on how to apply to join EAN during the Planning Program.
Does this program come with a guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee that after completing the program and the items on the checklists we provide that you will either begin charging for advice or increase the fee you charge for your advice. If you do not land one of your first five potential clients then we will refund the program fee.

We do not give refunds because of life circumstances or because you didn’t think the program was what you expected. The program is outlined in significant detail on this page so you can understand our deliverables and process.

NOTE: If you do not land the first two potential clients you are required to reach out to us for additional coaching before you pitch your next three clients. 

What if I still have questions?
Send any questions you have to

Example Lesson

The HTC Live Event will earn you for 5 CE credits at no additional cost. After receiving your CFP ID#, we will submit your attendance to the board on your behalf.
Upon completion of the online program, you will earn 7.5 CE credits and a completion certificate.