Episode 94. Serving the top 20% of your clients w/ Dave Resseguie

Dec 15, 2023

I’m thrilled to share some exciting insights from my recent podcast episode, where I discussed the art of client relationships with Dave Resseguie.

Dave shares his transition from working with a major financial planning firm to launching his own company.

It’s common that two-thirds of total revenue comes from the top 20% of clients. It’s all about focusing on those who bring the most value to your business.

Giftology: Dave has learned the importance of showing appreciation to those who’ve helped build client relationships. Inspired by John Ruhlin’s book, he adopted the practice of reinvesting 10% of the financial value of a relationship back into it through thoughtful gifting or other forms of appreciation.

From sending a simple thank you note to recording short selfie videos, showing gratitude can significantly impact client relationships.

Building Deep Relationships: Dave has found success in not only investing in my clients but also their families and inner circles. It’s about valuing the person for who they are, detached from any business outcomes.

Dave addresses the common mindset about limitations that prevent advisors from implementing specific appreciation strategies. There are always solutions, such as making charitable contributions on behalf of clients or working with consultants.

I hope these insights spark your curiosity and entice you to listen to the full podcast episode. It’s packed with practical advice, unique perspectives, and intriguing ideas that I believe will be beneficial to you.

Stay tuned for more!



Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®



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