Episode 86. Great communicators do these three things

Oct 20, 2023

Those who communicate clearly, win. In this episode we discuss the Power of Simplicity: It’s not about fancy words or complex illustrations, but making information relevant and understandable.

How to Level Up Your Communication Skills: We highlight the need for advisors to invest in their communication skills. It’s about creating an experience, explaining concepts clearly, and leaving clients with a deep understanding that stays with them forever.

What does great communication look like?

  1. Simple
  2. Visual
  3. Meaningful

Visual communication

  1. Communicate authority
  2. Create energy
  3. Offer engagement
  4. Increase understanding

Storytelling – Your Secret Weapon: We explore the power of personal stories and examples in building trust and creating a vision for clients. Just like a comedian refines their jokes, advisors can refine their storytelling skills to deliver a natural and impactful message.

Remember, anyone can become a great communicator with practice and dedication. It’s those who master their craft who will win in this business.



Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®



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