Episode 106. Advisor Stories: Wes Young – Elite Advisor, Part-time Pastor, Expert Planner

Feb 28, 2024

Sten catches up with Wes Young, business owner, advisor, and part-time pastor, about the intricacies of managing a successful remote team in the financial planning industry.

Evolving Business Models: Wes’s journey from a young entrepreneur to a seasoned professional is nothing short of inspiring. He shares the pivotal moments of transitioning his business from commission-based to fee-based financial planning.

The Art of Prioritization: Wes introduced a game-changing ranking system that helps prioritize tasks based on impact and enjoyment. Imagine focusing on what you do best and love most – we discuss how this approach can revolutionize your workweek.

Hiring with Vision: Building a team is no small feat. Wes shares the importance of aligning new hires with your organization’s vision and values and how to ensure everyone is working towards the same ideal workweek.

The Simplicity of Success: Rejecting the average industry path, Wes chose a life of ‘mature simplicity’ over ‘sophisticated confusion.’ It’s a powerful reminder that sometimes, less is more, and simplicity can lead to greater success and fulfillment.

Your Call to Action: Assess your own activity matrix. If you’re ready to gain a fresh perspective and accelerate your progress, this episode will be the catalyst you need.




To Your Success,
Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®



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