Episode 101. How To Make Elite Events For Advisors

Feb 2, 2024

In our recent episode, we dove deep into the world of events crafted specifically for financial advisors like you. We explored the essence of what makes these gatherings not just informative but truly transformative. Here’s a sneak peek at the golden nuggets we uncovered:

Practical Workshops: Learn why hands-on sessions can revolutionize the way you communicate with clients, deliver financial plans, and set your fees.

Intentional Networking: Find out how to engage in meaningful interactions that go beyond the exchange of business cards and foster real collaboration.

Quality Over Quantity: Why a day and a half of intense, focused learning can be more beneficial than a week of surface-level sessions.

Transformative Learning: Experience the shift from self-doubt to self-worth as you learn to articulate and charge for the incredible value you provide.

Ongoing Support: The learning doesn’t end when the event does. We talked about the importance of follow-up support to ensure you can implement what you’ve learned.



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To your success,
Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®



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