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  • Gain confidence when presenting planning ideas
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  • Close business faster by mastering planning ideas
  • Make meetings more engaging for clients

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We guarantee that you will increase your planning revenue after coming to this event. When you implement our system, you will attract and convert more prospects. In addition, you will have the framework in place to build and deliver a great financial plan.

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Join Sten Morgan and his team at his beautiful offices just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, to learn their strategies to find ideal planning clients, run effective strategy meetings, quantify the value of your advice to prospective clients, price your plans appropriately, deliver on the planning ideas and make renewal conversations easy.


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I went through the direct vs. non-direct recognition and cost segregation whiteboarding illustrations and my client’s response was “My mind is kind of blown right now.” Thank you for your practical teaching.

Craig Peterson

Financial Services Professional, New York Life

I’ve been charging planning fees for years, but I’ve learned several whiteboard skills from Sten that have helped me improve my meetings. Now my entire team is improving their meeting methods and helping us have our best year ever.

Wes Young

Founder & CEO, Wes Young & Associates

Master the whiteboard to earn more business, faster

Take our free 3-day Whiteboard Wisdom class to learn how to close business faster and get paid for your ide