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At Elite Advisor Network, We reject average. We are different because our founder is still a practicing advisor. We believe you can grow an amazing business and have balance in your life. It is possible to help more people, make more money, and work more efficiently. Let us show you how.


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The average EAN member increases their minimum planning fee by 200%.


Advisors who attend How TO Charge LIVE, on average, collect over $10,000 in planning fees within 90 days of the training.

90 days

“Thanks to what I’ve learned from EAN, I’ve made more from planning in Q1 of this year within 90 days of the training than all of the last three years combined.”


” I had my first Financial Planning Agreement signed today, $7,500 annual fee. So, the very first Financial Planning Agreement paid for the cost of the trip to HTC Live two times over!!!”

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"I went through the direct vs. non-direct recognition and cost segregation whiteboarding illustrations and my client’s response was 'My mind is kind of blown right now.' Thank you for your practical teaching."

Craig Peterson
Financial Services Professional, New York Life

"I’ve been charging planning fees for years, but I’ve learned several whiteboard skills from Sten that have helped me improve my meetings. Now my entire team is improving their meeting methods and helping us have our best year ever."

Wes Young
Founder & CEO, Wes Young & Associates

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